About Scrunchup

The aim of this site is to give decent advice to students who want a career in web design or development. Sure, there are lots of websites out there that give advice on writing really good code, but not many of them are aimed specifically at young people who are just starting out.

We also want to highlight the work that people are doing, and create a friendly atmosphere for people to ask questions without feeling intimidated.

We're tracking interesting events that are accessible to young attendees.

These are our criteria for listing events:

  1. The main event venue is open to under 18s.
  2. If the venue is a pub or a bar, the organisers have confirmed that under 18s are allowed to attend.
  3. If it's integral to the event, an official after party is held in a venue with the same criteria, where someone under 18 would be allowed inside. (We believe an attendee who is excluded from social aspects would be missing out on an important part of the event.)
  4. If tickets are over £100/$150, some sort of discount is offered to school and university students, or students have the opportunity to volunteer at the event.

If you know about an event that passes all these criteria, message a link to @scrunchup on Twitter and we'll add it to our list, or you can join our Lanyrd guide to add it yourself.