Background Images

The textured background is a modified version of Ice age from Subtle Patterns and was made by Gjermund Gustavsen.


Scrunchup uses Fontdeck to serve up fonts, specifically Akagi.


The sketchy icons were made by Anna Debenham.

Content Management System

Scrunchup uses Perch, which is a lovely little CMS made by We chose Perch because it gives us complete control over the site's markup.


The upcoming events list is pulled from Lanyrd. If you'd like to add an event, pop it in our guide.

HTML5 shiv

Since the site uses HTML5, Remy's HTML5 shiv is included for compatibility with older browser.


Images in the Styleguide are from Adventure Time by Cartoon Network.


The site is hosted on a Media Temple server, but large media files like audio interviews are stored on Amazon S3.