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We're on a mission to help equip the next generation of web designers and developers with resources that will stretch their knowledge. There are lots of ways you can help.

Are you a conference organiser, publisher, or have some books you can spare?

Many schools are limited by what or how they can teach because of restrictions on their computer network. Students have told us that sites like Scrunchup are blocked on some networks, or even that view source is blocked. This makes it really difficult to teach how the web works.

Often, schools don't have a lot of budget to do things as simple as buy textbooks for students or teachers. If they do have textbooks, they can be really out of date. We want to change this.

Again. Conference organisers: Set up a table and allow attendees to bring unwanted books so that students can pick them up for free.

Andy Clarke (@Malarkey)

We'd like to encourage conferences and meetups to collect unwanted books, if they're still relevant, from attendees to donate to a local school or library, like Standards Next did in March 2012.

@eskins: "Books for students at #standardsnext as inspired by Andy Clarke"

We'd also like publishers and authors to do the same if they can spare a few books, or offer customers the opportunity to donate a second book to a student when they buy a copy, like the TOMS shoes One for One movement.

Got some electronics you don't need?

Schools love getting old computers or devices. Often they can use the parts to fix other computers. Sometimes they take very old computers apart in lessons to show what they look like inside. Computer screens are always popular (some schools still have clunky CRT monitors), and keyboards and mice break quite often and need replacing, as do webcams and headsets.

Want to run a workshop in a school?

If you have a bit of spare time, sign up for Code Club and run Scratch workshops in schools to help kids learn about programming.

The UK has a scheme called STEMNET dedicated to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects. You can sign up as a STEM ambassador and run workshops for children in your local school.